Schwinn 240 Improved Assembly Instructions

Due to the not so descriptive instructions that come with the Schwinn 240, I have provided these extended instructions to go along with the visual instructions that you received with your bike. I hope it helps.

Also, in the event you have lost your original picture manual provided by Schwinn, it can be downloaded here: Schwinn 240 Assembly Manual (direct link) or at this page.

  1. Attach stabilizers to main frame: This step is easier with a second person helping to align parts. The larger stabilizer goes in the rear, the smaller one, with wheels forward, goes in the front. Record the model and serial number from the bottom of the rear stabilizer before installation.
  2. Attach side handlebars to seat frame: This step is fairly clear, though it is awkward to juggle the parts being attached. The silver heart-rate-sensors should face up.
  3. Attach seat pads to seat frame assembly: This is also a juggling step for one person. The seat back has eight holes for the four screws. There is no explanation in the assembly manual but presumably the lower set of holes is for persons of average height whereas the upper set of holes is for very tall persons.
  4. Slide seat assembly onto seat rail: An insert requires that the seat assembly (item 13) held in place by seven screws (these are loosely tightened) be first removed,
  5. Connect heart rate cable to seat assembly: A simple step.
  6. Install seat rail bracket: Note the proper orientation of seat bracket (item 10).
  7. Install seat assembly to frame assembly: This step is easier with a second person helping to align parts. The seat bracket (item 10) goes inside the seat tube. It may have arrived temporarily but improperly installed outside the tube. The electronic cable should be completely inserted in the rear seat tube to avoid crimping the cable.
  8. Install console mast to frame assembly: Be sure the cables are properly oriented and not inverted. Male prongs couple to female receptacles; note the tabs for orientation and push with lots of force to couple securely. I found it useful to tie a string to the handlebar ends of the cables in case they fall into the console tube (item 14) during its insertion into the flywheel base. It is easier to insert (loosely tighten) the two side screws first and then the two front screws because the latter might fall inadvertently into the chamber, in which case their retrieval would be tedious. In inserting the four rubber caps do not over-push them into the aforementioned chamber but carefully with a screwdriver put the inner flange of the rubber cap inside the hole.
  9. Attach upright handlebar to console mast: be sure the handlebars are properly centered on the stem; otherwise the plastic cap (item 9) will not fit properly.
  10. Attach console bracket to console mast: Stick the cables through the console bracket; remove any string. The hex bolt (item 3) and nut (item K) go through the lower pivot holes. Use the two tools depicted to tighten the hex bolt and nut so that the bracket pivots freely. The carriage bolt (item F) and plastic knob (item M) go through the upper adjustable arc opening.
  11. Connect console cables to console: Note orientation of the tabs being connecting. Be sure the cables are securely attached.
  12. Attach console to console bracket: Don’t waste time looking for the four screws. They are attached to the rear of the console and require removal before the required attachment.
  13. Install pedals on crank arms: The petals and straps are labeled left (L) or right (R). Note that the left pedal is tightened counterclockwise (not the usual clockwise to tighten). The logo on the strap goes on top with the larger number of holes toward the outside. Depending on storage, one or both straps may be curved the opposite wrong way; beware.
  14. Connect power cord: A simple step.
  15. Attach water bottle holder to console mast: Watch orientation of parts: black piece outside with the two large holder arms facing up; red piece inside with bottom support facing down.
    (XX) Final adjustments: Double check that all screws and bolts are adequately tightened. Remove the protective film from the console and sides of the flywheel container. Level bike. Adjust seat and pedal straps. Finally adjust tilt of console for maximum legibility (in my case tilted all the way forward). Program console (see use manual, which also needs more detailed instructions). WARNING: Do NOT unplug the power cord (the transformer stays warm–an energy vampire!) or else your saved settings will be lost. It would be nice if the bike had a memory feature to preserve settings as do digital cameras and other electronic devices.

These instructions were not actually written by myself, I only post them here for added convenience. The original author is another owner of the bike who posted these instructions on’s Schwinn 240 page in the review section of the bike. The name of the commenter is Rudolf Schmid “nmnori” and we thank you for your kind and thoughtful contribution.